November 26, 2021

Selected Scripture

1 Peter 2

21 For to this have ye been called; for Christ also has suffered for you, leaving you a model that ye should follow in his steps: 22 who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth; 23 who, [when] reviled, reviled not again; [when] suffering, threatened not; but gave [himself] over into the hands of him who judges righteously; 24 who himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, in order that, being dead to sins, we may live to righteousness: by whose stripes ye have been healed.

Selected Hymn Verse

Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the Little Flock (rev 1962), #123, Verse 2

This priceless favour you may now embrace;
'Tis offered free,
Since Jesus suffered in the sinner's place
On Calv'ry's tree;
Blest sinless One! for us He sin was made,
Redemption's price by precious blood was paid.